Manipur Science and Technology Council


A percussion instrument (Dholak made up of wire mesh FRP).

Date: 2018-10-12

Dholak is a musical percussion instrument and is a South Asian barrel-shaped, two-headed hand drum. The wooden body of Dhohlak is made from some special big trees namely Jack Fruit Tree, Mango tree, Wang tree (a local tree of Manipur) etc. The present invention is to provide a dholak having a body that is made of a suitable substitute of wood. The present invention is to provide a dholak having a body that is made of Chicken Wire Mesh Fiber Reinforced Polymer to increase its durability and to lower cost. The present invention discloses a percussion instrument comprising a hollow cylindrical shaped body having two circular open ends; membranes covering the said circular open ends, the membranes are adapted to receive a beating force, laces that are laced on the hollow cylindrical body, plurality of rings through which the laces are laced over the body, plurality of strip on the circumference of the circular openings to hold the membrane and the laces on to the body. Patent has been filed with Application No. 201831038883 dated 12-10-2018.

A Percussion Instrument (Meitei Pung).


The traditional Mridanga consists of a wooden body made of some specific big trees such as Mango tree, Jack Fruit tree and Wang Tree etc. The improved Manipuri Mridanga consists of a mridanga body fabricated using Bamboo Reinforced Polymer. The shape, size and other material remains the same as the traditional Mridanga. The Improved Manipuri Mridanga is un-breakable/strong enough. It is environment friendly since its body is made up of Bamboo Reinforced Polymer. Patent has been filed with Application No.: 201731028511 dated 10/08/2017.

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants in Manipur.

Date: 2016-05-15

MASTEC has implemented a project on documentation of medicinal plants found in the state entitled "Database Management System of Medicinal Plants of Manipur" and under this project a database of 400 medicinal plants found in Manipur have been compiled. The information are available on the web for the general public.

Tricycle Rickshaw Operated Paddy Thresher.

Date: 2015-04-03

The Tricycle Paddy Thresher is an innovation in Paddy Threshing. The Thresher is operated manually just like driving a Tricycle Rickshaw. It does not require electricity or any other fuel operation. It can also be used to thresh moist crop and keeps the whole straw unspoiled after threshing instead of cutting/chopping by the heavy-duty diesel operated Paddy Threshers. The present thresher is a low-cost machine which can be owned by any farmer. It will reduce number of manpower involvement in traditional threshing and at the same time the straw will not be wasted. 1 (one) No. Patent was filed with Patent Application No. 1128/KOL/2013 dated September 30, 2013 entitled TRICYCLE THRESHING MACHINE. It was published in the Indian Patent Office Journal (Patent Office, Kolkata) on 03/04/2015.

Dry Fish Fermentation Technology in Manipur.

Date: 2012-10-19

To give an overall improvement in the process of the traditional technology for fermentation of dry fish, a technology has been developed and it relates to - an improved dry fish fermentation compressed apparatus and compressed method for producing processed dry fish using low valued dry fish. Patent has been filed and allotted No. 1274/KOL/2010A and the same has been published in the Patent Journal on 19/10/2012. The process comprises of washing the fish, drying, pressing of the fish by the Compress apparatus and sealing the bottle with Plaster of Paris. PET bottle is used instead of earthen pot for the fermentation.

Technology Business Information System (TBIS) Website.

Date: 2002-12-21

MASTEC launched its own website for the first time among the Govt. organizations in the state. The website was launched on 21st January 2002 at State Guest House, Imphal. Shri K. Kipgen Singh, Advisor, to the Governor of Manipur and Shri. K. Rakesh Singh, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, were the Chief Guest and President of the launching function of TBIS website. Dr. Laxman Prasad, Advisor, DST, GoI, New Delhi and Dr. A.K. Bhatia, Advisor, CSIR, New Delhi were the Guests of Honour of the function. The website is hosted by National Informatics Centre (NIC). The website included about 25 MB of information under the topics, i) About TBIS ii) About MASTEC, iii) Current News, iv) Manipur at a Glance, v) Industrial Scenario, vi) Market Organisation, vii) Natural Resources, viii) Human Resources, ix) Technology Sources, x) Banking and Finance, xi) Entrepreneurship Development, xii) Industrial Consultancy xiii) Other useful links. The activities of the Council including its annual report are uploaded to the website from time to time.

Pedal Operated Rice Mill

Date: 1998-04-07

The Pedal Operated Rice Mill, as the name indicates, is pedal operated rice mill for pounding paddy for obtaining dehusked rice. The Pedal Operated Rice does not occupy large floor space, and can be set up at any place, being portable, it can ensure an output of at least three times more than the traditional pounding method, it can simultaneously separate this rice from the husk to a substantial extent and de-husking takes place by shearing action. The Rice Mill had been tested at Community Polytechnic Society, Imphal. The Mill has also been demonstrated at the Golden Jubilee Exhibition of India's Independence (9-14, August 1998) at Imphal, India International Trade Fair 1999, New Delhi and Indian Science Congress (Jan 3-7, 2001) at Delhi. The Principal Investigator of the project, Shri Th. Surendranath Singh has been honoured with National Invention Award 1999 (May 11). It was patented with Patent No. 213240 dated 07/04/1998.